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P2P 2014

Graham | 12/01/2014 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Well it arrived. The 2014 Pier to Pub.  1.2Km open water swim.where I was in the Super Veteran class.  5000 entrants.

There was some trepidation I must say.  On holidays for 4 months (June – October) then the local 25meter pool closing for a year.  Virtually no training.

Went to Belmont – some 90Km for a swim several times in November, and put in some K’s into the arms.

Anyhow the day was beautiful,tide was out which  increased the beach sprint. Seas were calm. Perfect for an ocean swim.

Surprised I was that I just kept rolling the shoulders at a constant rhythm.  Not fast, never have been. No paddle to catch breath at all.

Time was 21:55.  Previous PB 28:06.   Very happy about that.

finish   RelaxingP2P

Until next year ?

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500m Times

Graham | 30/04/2013 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Timing over 500m – 20 laps
Lets see how close I can get to 10 minutes over the year.

20/3/2013       11:02:44

11/4/2013        11:18:00

30/4/2013      11:21:19           I am stretching out and pulling well but my times are longer 🙁

16/5/2013       11:08:00       Now that’s better


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P2P 2013

Graham | 16/01/2013 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

The Pier to Pub has be run and won. Not by me, but, what a great time I had.

This was my second entry and it was just great.  Relaxed before the race. Had a warm up before my wave.
Entered into the Super Vets group : 60 ~ 69.

My time was 28:06  (1.2Km).  Nearly a minute better than last year.  What surprised me was that I was able to just keep swimming.  There was no fatigue during the race.  Tired at the end though.  A lot to do with the training during the year I suspect.
Held my ground (position) during the race and was not intimidated by the other swimmers.  So I banged and crashed my way to the finish line.  BTW there were almost 300 in my swim wave and 5000 over the day.


Click to enlarge

BeforeTheRaceEndOfRaceHydratingT Shirt

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My P2P weekly training times

Graham | 16/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »


16/11/2012        1.3km in 29 minutes – wet suit on ~ 1Km 22.5 minutes  Did I lose a lap?

13/11/2012         1.3Km in 31 minutes  ~ 1Km 24 minutes

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Pier 2 Pub training

Graham | 12/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

At training this morning, went for the P2P distance.  Started with some warm-up’s (700meters), not too fast. 

Then a 1.3Km with a  ~150meter foot sprint to finish off.

100meter warm down

2.1Km for the day

1.3Km in 31 minutes.  Sprint 32 seconds.  That is about 24 minutes for 1Km

Happy with that Thumbs up

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Time Trials

Graham | 25/06/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Water recreation squad today 2.1Km.
Multiple drills and warm-ups so run out of time for the 3 x 500 time.  Got in two though.  Improved.

1st    10:34:20
2nd  10:59:44

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1500m time trial comming

Graham | 19/06/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Swimming squad yesterday  18th June.

200m warm-up

400m   25m sprint then 25m gentle…. etc.
400m kick-board   same pattern as above

50 lateral
50 shark-fin
50 3 stroke
50 2 touch

100 warm-down with flip turn

50 swim run

There was more but can’t remember it !

Next week 1500m time trials.  Should I taper for this 🙂

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25m dash

Graham | 12/06/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Today best ever: 25 meters in 19~20 seconds.  Good on me. Not bad for and oldie

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Swim Training

Graham | 15/05/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Had my first 1500m time trial yesterday.  Training and times as follows:

200m fartks – 3 x 25m normal then 25m sprint

4 x 75m kick, swim, pull

500m time trials

1st      10:54.63
2nd     11:14.07
3rd      11:32.09

200m Swim run to warm down

Total 2.2Km

I will need to improve my turns.

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Water rec is back

Graham | 16/04/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

School is back and so is the adult water recreational squad.

Todays training
I did find the use of a band around the ankles, which was introduced today – interesting.  Swimming with just the band is difficult to the point of drowning 😉

20 * 25 on 45 seconds
–long strokes
–strong leg kicks

2 repeats  of the following set
50 * Lateral kick – on side one arm out in front
50 * Shark fin – fingers slide up and down side, knee to arm pit
50 * 3 stroke switch
50 * two touch freestyle – on upstroke touch armpit and temple with thumb

100 freestyle

2 repeats of the following set
50 * band, buoy and paddles
50 * band and buoy
50 * band

100 swim

100 swim / run


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