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We are in

Graham | 18/12/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Wednesday.  We collected the trailer, checked out the cleaning done yesterday.

SMS and called the new owners that we have vacated 3 days early.  They are happy.

The property was left smicko.

Mowed the lawns @ the new property and wipper sniped the edges.  20 minutes.  Dam good that!

We are definitely moved. Walked to the local shop today in 5 minutes.  Kaye walked into town in 10 ~ 15 minutes.  Who me?

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Gone Unconditional

Graham | 27/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Yep, finally at the last minute the sale of the house is now unconditional.  It was previously but was withdrawn (solicitor error !)
We are renting our home for another 2 weeks after the payment day. December 7th.  This will facilitate a smooth move.
The packing will now proceed in earnest.

The stress involved is amazing.  Glad it is over.

Really looking forward to the move into town.

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Now we are packing

Graham | 17/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

The property has passed the building and pest inspection last Wednesday.  Now the weekend.  As we have heard nothing we assume that the sale is “on”.

At the moment there is three weeks until the move. 

I have begun packing the workshop and garden shed.  After some 20 odd years there is a lot of stuff.  Kaye has started the flat, then the house.

Glad there is three weeks.  Plenty of time to pack, but, I suspect it will go quickly.

Christmas with the family in our new home.

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Selling a house is slow

Graham | 12/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

We have signed the contracts and paid our deposit for our new house.  The people whom we are buying from have signed and paid a deposit.  That was last Thursday.

We are waiting for our buyer to sign and pay a deposit. Today is Monday. It is all a bit slow.  Hope this does not go down due to a change of mind at the last moment.

We will see.

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Graham | 07/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

It all begins.  We are expecting to sign purchase contracts today – Wednesday.

Have organised the pest inspection of McDonald St. $660. I have a feeling that there is going to be a dribble of cash happening for this and that, not to mention the 10% deposit.

Setup the removalists.  $120 per hour, which I don’t think is too bad.

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Bought a new one

Graham | 02/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

@ 4:00pm. Our offer has been accepted. Sold ours and bought a new one. Need to organise movers and everything Open-mouthed smile

New House – Here

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House is Sold

Graham | 01/11/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

@ 5:00pm House verbally sold. Hope our offer on the “new” home is accepted or we are homeless.

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Selling our House

Graham | 30/10/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

As some of you may know, we have our house on the market to downsize.  Well we finally have an offer that we will accept. Have put in an offer on one we have been looking at.  I must say that the whole offer and negotiating meme is a pain. 

It seems that we sell ours to buy the next, they want to upsize and therefore make an offer to a third party.  It is a line of dominoes with only one needing to fail for the lot to fail.

I will keep you posted on the results.  If it all happens, wish it is before Christmas.

Moving from 3/4 acres to a 1/4 acre block.  Dam less mowing there.

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