Adventure before Dementia #3

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Well here we are 6,922kms and 40 days and yes we are in Broome,  our unit is very comfortable, hot running water, kitchen, shower toilet all those wonderful  items we take for granted.

Had 4 lovely days in Derby, couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked into reception out rides Marg and Ian Vesey on the bikes, what a small world. Marg and Colin Parsons and Jenny and Red Lacey also in park.   A few cold drinks and much chatter in the evenings.

The range of tide heights vary around 10 – 12metres it is an amazing site.

Did a day trip to the Gorge and Tunnel Creek the water level  was around my knees and so cold, but a great tour.  Flat tyre and 45min while it was changed was an extra this added on to the end of day we didn’t get back till after 7.00

Did the Broome Races yesterday that was a great day, the organization was top notch.   Market this morning, off to the beach soon, and of course another beautiful sunset later.

Doing Horizontal Falls full day tour on Wednesday that will be a great highlight.

Next Sunday we leave here for Barn Hill, than Eighty Mile Beach lots more to see and do.

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