A trip to Britain

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Back into the land of Oz.

What a trip. The four of us, Grandad, Nana, Nyah and Zara.  Off on an adventure to Britain.

Well where did we go?

Paris.  Yes Paris, on the Eurostar.

To reduce this experience into a few short paragraphs is to do an injustice.

London pubs (for lunch) shopping, One direction, the Queen and all sorts of things.

Jumped on a Trafalgar trip called Kilts and Castles.  Now yes we did stay in a castle plus some older accommodation.

At a medieval dinner we were the Baron, Baroness and princess for the night.  Crowns and all Open-mouthed smile

Learnt a lot about the Romans. The Baths in Bath for example.

Lots of castles and churches.

There is too much.  Best way to know is ask one of us.


Took about 500 photos.  All great, so, here is just some.  Click to enlarge:

NaZ_Goodenough  1Direction  GaK_London  Z_Phone  9and3quarters


And who did I say we met?


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