Adventure before Dementia #2

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Just touching base with you all after 33days n rod and nearly 6000 kms we are now in Wyndham gosh it is a long way from south western Victoria

When  you look at Aussie map Wyndham is the most northerly town in WA situated on the Cambridge Gulf, 3216m north east of Perth. It is also home to the biggest salt water crocs in the world.

From Longreach we have stayed Winton  (did outside cinema at night).

Cloncurry – hottest temp ever recorded 53.1 maybe that’s why Curry is in the name.

Mt Isa   cheapest fuel 165.9.

Barkley Station  dearest 198.9.

Banka Banka Station.

Daley Waters  chilli still there and Barra and Beef dinner, still no improvements.

Katherine  about 6kms out near hot springs, did Cutta Cutta caves that was good.

Timber Creek.

Kununurra  gosh this town has grown in past 2years the tours of the Kimberley’s is putting a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in to area.

Now its Wyndham – this has been a great surprise our small caravan park  has plenty of shade and the amenities are probably the best we have had.    Graham has fished the last 2 days caught some small cat fish but no meals.

We did the 5 rivers lookout last night before sunset a wonderful sight the rivers Durack, King, Forrest, Ord and Pentecost all Flow into Cambridge Gulf.    From the lookout you could watch road trains 4 containers unload the Iron Ore to go onboard the freight ships at high tide.

We leave here tomorrow heading towards Halls Creek  Fitzroy Crossing. Derby than Broome on 2nd August looking forward to our apartment on CABLE Beach.

Our camper trailer and car have travelled well only had 4 nights not using the camper, we seem to have a good system going when we put it up and take it down.

We are enjoying the most beautiful weather since Cloncurry it has been between 28-34 and nights around 18deg have not put a long sleeve top for over 3 weeks.

Will close now, will post from Broome (if your lucky) please give us some news from home.

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