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Graham | 14/10/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

It is Sunday and here we are in Mildura.  Beautiful and sunny.  But, not may I say, getting here.  Rain, sleet and an outside temperature of 8 degrees.

Been around our favourite places. Today just chilling out.

Have had someone looking through the house over the weekend.  Second time for these people.  We will see.

Added note.  Used 12v socket provided in the trailer. Plugged in the 12 volt to USB mini plug (12v to 5V).  Well it took about 2 seconds until an acrid smell and lots of smoke.  Melted the device.
I guessed that the 12v polarity was wrong.  Back at home. Yep; I was wright. Drilled out the rivets and removed the socket, swapped the wiring.  Now all is well, apart from the loss of a Tom-Tom 12v converter.

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