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Travelled to Albury where I joined up with John, Matthew and Carl.  Off to Jervis Bay NSW. About 6 hours travel from Albury. Arrived and found the agent for the house.  Picked up the keys and moved into the digs.  Comfortable enough.

Up next morning at 4:40am breakfast then off and back around 6:00pm.  This was the procedure for each day.

The company was excellent but the fishing was disappointing.  Couldn’t catch anything of size.  By example; kingfish need to be 65cm to keep and all could get was around 50cm.  Great sport mind you but no keepers.

The weather was against us.  Wrong tides and wind.  Then the rain.  Good grief, did it come down.  So much so the areas around us were flooding.  So after 4 days it was too dangerous so we packed up (in the heavy rain) and left.

We caught lots of size spikey rockies and leather jackets some Flathead.   However I did catch a 40cm morwong.   Very pleased about that I am!

It was a great experience but a disappointing fishing trip.  I would go again.


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