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Graham | 18/02/2012 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Be aware of the “Cardio Trainer” app that comes preloaded on the Motorola defy+.  If you start it (to see what it does) you cannot interrupt, delete, or uninstall it.

This program constantly tells you that you have not lost any calories to date.  You can stop the app, through the settings, but as soon as there is a restart; there it is.  It will want to update all the time and will nag you to do so.

I have contacted the app provider and although there was a “nice” reply, the result is – you are stuck with it.

I am not obese, bulimic or anorexic.  However I would have concerns if this app was running on a phone whose owner had personal image issues.


This is not the end of this………  With Motorola or Telstra 🙁


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