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Mobile phones.

Well I have had my old Samsung for some time now and it is now time to move on.  On to what?   Asking around only brought up recommendations of $600 plus units on $50/m plans.  Not likely, too stingy for that.
Bought a Motorola defy+.  The + means it uses Android 2.3. and it has a Telstra blue tick indicating it is good for the remote areas and outback.  Although; have been to some areas where no mobile, TV or radio works.
Getting accustomed to it.

My first application was the CFA app.  So as to be aware of any fires in our district.  There must be half a million apps out there!  Should sharpen up the C+ programming skills and write one. 🙂

BTW the issue with poor reception in the centre of Australia was that I had a 2G card and not 3G.  Fixed that didn’t I.


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