P2P 2014

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Well it arrived. The 2014 Pier to Pub.  1.2Km open water swim.where I was in the Super Veteran class.  5000 entrants.

There was some trepidation I must say.  On holidays for 4 months (June – October) then the local 25meter pool closing for a year.  Virtually no training.

Went to Belmont – some 90Km for a swim several times in November, and put in some K’s into the arms.

Anyhow the day was beautiful,tide was out which  increased the beach sprint. Seas were calm. Perfect for an ocean swim.

Surprised I was that I just kept rolling the shoulders at a constant rhythm.  Not fast, never have been. No paddle to catch breath at all.

Time was 21:55.  Previous PB 28:06.   Very happy about that.

finish   RelaxingP2P

Until next year ?

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