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Going fishing

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Up this morning with a spring in my step.  Off to Jervis Bay via Albury.  Going fishing for the week, with my brother John.

Big fish photos in my next post – I hope.

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Swim training

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Here it is; a new training year and a new coach.  Last coach focused on open water and the technique.  New coach is more pool and endurance focused.  BTW new coach swam in the P2P in the elite group.  No slouch there.

Here is the second training session.


200 freestyle – warm-up


10 * 25 lung busters – for 25m breath each 3 strokes then next 25m 5 strokes and then onward.  20sri


2 repeats  of the following set
50 * Lateral kick – on side one arm out in front
50 * Shark fin – fingers slide up and down side, knee to arm pit
50 * 3 stroke switch
50 * two touch freestyle – on upstroke touch armpit and temple with thumb


100 choice easy


8 * 25 kick sprints – using board 30sri


5 * 50  free style – 25 building & 25 sprint  tumble turn 30sri


100 pull easy


100 swim/run tumble turn


sri = seconds rest intervals


BTW tumble turn    blow out your nose  🙂




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Kona (Otway) Odyssey

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Back form volunteering at the Kona Odyssey. Run by the Rapid Ascent group. Only as an helper and gofer.

This is a mountain/bush ride over 50 or 100 km through the Otway Ranges.  Why would they do it?  Because of the challenge!

I started at 5:00am in Apollo Bay.  That meant leaving at 4:00 am, and up at 300 am.  But this is not about me.  It is about the experience and yes the fun of helping.


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Mobile phone apps

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Be aware of the “Cardio Trainer” app that comes preloaded on the Motorola defy+.  If you start it (to see what it does) you cannot interrupt, delete, or uninstall it.

This program constantly tells you that you have not lost any calories to date.  You can stop the app, through the settings, but as soon as there is a restart; there it is.  It will want to update all the time and will nag you to do so.

I have contacted the app provider and although there was a “nice” reply, the result is – you are stuck with it.

I am not obese, bulimic or anorexic.  However I would have concerns if this app was running on a phone whose owner had personal image issues.


This is not the end of this………  With Motorola or Telstra 🙁


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Jack and Dad

Graham | 11/02/2012 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

Here is Jack and dad relaxing on a sunny weekend.

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Happy Jack

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One happy little fellow.


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Welcome to Nyah’s page

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Welcome to Zara’s page

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Mobile phone

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Mobile phones.

Well I have had my old Samsung for some time now and it is now time to move on.  On to what?   Asking around only brought up recommendations of $600 plus units on $50/m plans.  Not likely, too stingy for that.
Bought a Motorola defy+.  The + means it uses Android 2.3. and it has a Telstra blue tick indicating it is good for the remote areas and outback.  Although; have been to some areas where no mobile, TV or radio works.
Getting accustomed to it.

My first application was the CFA app.  So as to be aware of any fires in our district.  There must be half a million apps out there!  Should sharpen up the C+ programming skills and write one. 🙂

BTW the issue with poor reception in the centre of Australia was that I had a 2G card and not 3G.  Fixed that didn’t I.


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Sherlock Holmes

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Went and watched the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.
Recommend going.  The storyline is good.  Fast paced and intriguing, but you can keep up with it.  The best is the slow-motion during the fight scenes.  Yes, there are more action moments than one usually expects in this genre.
Expect all the usual, Moretti, Mycroft, a side love interest.
I do recommend it.



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