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School 2013

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First day Year 5 & 7


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Captain Jack

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Pirates of the Caribbean VII – Captain Jack the early years.


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Birthday out

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Holiday fun @BounceInc


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P2P 2013

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The Pier to Pub has be run and won. Not by me, but, what a great time I had.

This was my second entry and it was just great.  Relaxed before the race. Had a warm up before my wave.
Entered into the Super Vets group : 60 ~ 69.

My time was 28:06  (1.2Km).  Nearly a minute better than last year.  What surprised me was that I was able to just keep swimming.  There was no fatigue during the race.  Tired at the end though.  A lot to do with the training during the year I suspect.
Held my ground (position) during the race and was not intimidated by the other swimmers.  So I banged and crashed my way to the finish line.  BTW there were almost 300 in my swim wave and 5000 over the day.


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Happy New Year

Graham | 01/01/2013 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »


The best of wishes to you all.



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