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Happy New Year 2015

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Fun and Run

Graham | 31/12/2014 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

Two words that don’t go together,  but some do….


Dawn Buster Fun Run 2014

Chris Fun Run

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Technology and Ingenuity

Graham | 18/07/2014 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

Maybe a little umbrella to stop watering down.

I want one !!


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Lest We Forget 2014

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Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Graham | 11/03/2014 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

G & K have had 3 days there.  Back home on Monday morning and exhausted.  What an experience.

Need to plan for next year.

Didn’t take any photos, but here is the Facebook page.  Can you see me in the photo.  Back top right in the Jim D’Ville workshop.

Two and a half days.  90 individual acts.  The main venu and lots of clubs and stores with ongoing music.

BTW the Ukulele groups included violins, cellos and double bases.  What amazing sounds.

I resisted the urge to buy a new ukulele.  Do like the Manton Concert. Next year maybe. Hot smile

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1st day of school 2014

Graham | 03/02/2014 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

1st day of school for 2014. Zara Yr6, Nyah Burrell Yr8 & House captain awesome!!

Beaut photo mum.


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Egotistical of me

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On Australia day Kaye took a photo of me.  Usually  photos of me are not flash.  This one is not either but , better than the rest.

It was a nice warm day at Carl and Iris’s.  Coldie in hand. Winking smile


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Graham | 27/01/2014 | COMMENTS:1 Comment »

Well my mate Michael was made an Australian citizen on Australia Day (26th Jan).  The location was a small town in the Otway Ranges called Forrest.  A beautiful sunny day.  With the BBQ later. Thumbs up


Congratulations Michael.

Citizen1 Citizen2 Citizen3 Citizen4

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Pool time on Australia Day

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A nice day about 28°C.  BBQ going and a coldie in the hand.

This is good.

AustDayPool1 AustDayPool2

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Happy Australia Day 2014

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